I’m Late, Again

Ugh, I use to ALWAYS be on time. Dinner date with the girls? I was there on time or even a little early. But then came kids and that all changed. Y’all, I do not know how I got to this point! I even have a girlfriend who drops her son off at preschool with my daughter and she measures her tardiness on whether or not my car is in the parking lot yet. Insert embarrassed face here.

Let me start by saying I do not WANT to be late and it is NOT intentional. The night before we go somewhere I will give myself a little pep talk about how I am going to be on time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But when I wake up, things don’t go as planned—that pep talk I had the night before? None of that matters since my children are screaming and they put their shoes on the wrong feet about one zillion times before they finally let me help.image1

The days before I had kids went a little like this: alarm went off, I hit snooze, alarm goes off again, I weighed my options and whether or not I can skip my shower so I can sleep longer, that usually led to another snooze, finally get dressed, eat breakfast, and I was off to start my day. And I use to think that was so hard, ha.

Now, my mornings go a little like this (I’ll try to make it short even though it feels like my mornings are 50 hours long some days).

-Waken up by a child (no snooze button on them)

-Get them something to eat, because that is usually the first thing they ask

-Try to get ready myself while they eat

-Get interrupted at least five times while getting ready because either food has spilled everywhere, they need more food or they don’t like the food

-Finally choose what I’m going to wear, just to look at the crazy Colorado weather report and see that it is, in fact, going to be winter in May

-Change my clothes

-Go pick out the girls’ clothes

-Bribe my girls to get dressed (this takes the longest out of this whole list because their legs and arms decide not to work and I find myself trying to dress a limp noodle)

-Fill the car with their backpacks, my purse, snacks, water and any other survival materials needed for the day

-Tell the girls they need to get their shoes on—all you moms know how this goes

-Get outside to the car. God forbid there are any puddles because that means another clothing change. My girls are attracted to puddles like flies to sh… 😊

-Buckle them into their seats. This is when I would like them to become limp noodles but instead they become as stiff as boards and it makes me dream of the days that they don’t need car seats anymore.

-Annnnnnnd we’re off, not before we find the right song of course.

So, do you see my point? Kids are totally the reason I’m late. Just kidding, I could study that list and point out all the things I could do better and make our mornings more successful. I could look at the weather the night before and pick out everyone’s outfits. I could wake up early and get breakfast on the table before they ask for it. But the problem is, there is always one more thing. One more thing to get done before we leave the house. I believe one day I will have mornings figured out but for now I’m going to give myself a little grace over guilt and I think all you mommas should do the same thing. Late is the new on time, mmmmk?





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