The Word ‘Mom’ Makes Me Cringe

I love my kids. I love their laughs, the snuggles, and hearing them play. I can have a great day shopping by myself or a night on the town but I still don’t think there is a better place to be than with my kids. But if I hear ‘mom’ one more time I’m almost positive my head is going to turn a 360 and I’m going to walk down the stairs on all fours looking possessed AF.

The other day I was in the grocery store, by myself, and I passed a mom with her three kids (God bless her). As I walked by I heard her say, “I’m done, I’m just done.” I wanted to give her a hug and tell her that I too, have been done, multiple times. And today ladies and gentlemen, was one of those days.

IMG_8280The day started out great, kids played outside the majority of day light and only had a handful of fights. But then came the word ‘Mom.’

“Mom can I have a snack?”

“Mom can you tell sissy to stop?”

“Mom what are you cooking?”

“Mom I need to go poop”

“Mom I peed outside”

“Mom we said hi to the neighbors” (while completely naked)

“Mom I need some water”

“Mom this water tastes funny”

“Mom can you turn us on a show?”

“Mom mom mom mom mom mom”

And the best part, my husband was home this entire time. Do you want to know how many times they said, “Dad?” Maybe twice. Maybe.

Y’all there comes a time where the word just makes me CRINGE, especially when it comes at me one after the other. And maybe it’s not just the word mom, maybe it’s the requests and questions that come with it. Like all of a sudden my children become incapable of doing anything for themselves. You need to poop? Well that’s great because you are four and have been pooping on the potty for a couple years now. You need water? Luckily we have an unlimited amount of that—go fill up your cup. A snack? There’s a snack drawer for that.

Before some of you think I am ungrateful for these wonderful little girls who have so many requests and questions, please read above where I said there’s nothing I would rather do than hang with them. But also take abig dose of reality because you aren’t being true to yourself if you think you have never cringed. Can I get an amen?

If you can relate, I raise my overly poured wine glass (if that’s possible) to you. This is hard. Being a mom is HARD but those little giggles and kisses make it all better. And even sometimes, hearing ‘mom’ still catches me by surprise because it is the best gift.

Thanks for letting me vent.




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